DJ88’s Call of the Wild: The Sinatra

Forget about Four Loko and other illicit spiked energy drinks. When DJ88 (a.k.a. Bree Cohen) needs to get up to get down, she calls for The Sinatra—an expertly pulled shot of espresso—single or double, “depending on your needs,” 88 says—and a Jack Daniel’s back. Along with the rest of the Rat Pack, Jack Daniel’s was known to be Sinatra’s close companion throughout his life. To enjoy, cool the espresso, shoot the Jack and chase with the coffee.

But DJ88 says she cannot take credit for the phenomenon. The turntablist beauty with the awesome Wednesday night party at Ghostbar explains that she inherited the drink from her friend and colleague DJ Adam 12 of She Wants Revenge, who reportedly got on the Sinatra bandwagon in Brazil. “Those of you who fancy espresso, it will turn your pages,” 88 says. “Those of you who don’t, bite the bullet. It’s the best buzz you’ve ever had.” Substitute tequila for a Poor Man’s Speedball.

If you truly wanna geek-out for the big day, pick up a limited-edition Jack Daniel’s Angelo Lucchesi 90th Birthday bottle in honor of Jack Daniel’s first-ever salesperson. Also a good friend of Frank Sinatra (almost as good Jack himself), Lucchesi turns 90 on Dec. 24. In his honor, this Jack was bottled at 90-proof instead of the usual 80. Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits, $28.

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