Flame of Love

As served at Sinatra Restaurant at Encore, $15

It’s all in the wrist. Or, rather, the expertly executed twist and burn of the orange peel that adorns this version of Pepe Ruiz’s classic 1936 recipe from Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif., a celebrity hangout known for attracting members of the Rat Pack and other celebrities.

Substituting Harvey’s Orange for the classic Domecq La Ina fino sherry, Wynn/Encore property mixologist Patricia Richards puts a refined, orange spin on the cocktail said to have inspired the Sinatra lyrics, “I like a martini and burn on the glass.” Richards recommends this simple, clean cocktail to vodka martini-lovers and notes how “the delicate lemon notes of Ciroc are harmoniously complemented by the burnt orange zest and the orange of the sherry.”

  • ½ ounce Harvey’s Orange Aperitif Sherry rinse
  • 3 ounces Ciroc Vodka
  • 2 orange peel discs

Swirl a chilled cocktail glass with sherry and discard remainder (this is called a “rinse”). Shake the Ciroc with ice to chill, then strain into the sherry-rinsed glass. To garnish, peel two disks of orange rind, roughly the size of a 50-cent piece. While squeezing the essential oils over the cocktail, light a match; when done correctly, the orange oils will ignite over cocktail in a flash. Repeat this, then discard one peel and float the other on the surface of the cocktail so the peel faces upward.