The Gifting Suite

Presents for the guy who is forever young at heart

Photos by Jorge Novoa Jr.

Styling by Jan Rude

  1. Samurai sword umbrella ($30), saber-tooth tiger skull ($60) and Pei Vase 24 inches ($80), available at Z Gallerie, Fashion Show.
  2. Ted Baker XLady Xmas boxers, available at Ted Baker, the Forum Shops at Caesars, $27.
  3. TOMS Brown Briar Camo Print Shoe, available at Neiman Marcus, Fashion Show, $95.
  4. Sanyo VPC-CA102YL waterproof dual camera, available at, $350.
  5. Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige Edition for PS3, available at GameStop, $180.
  6. Safe radio with hand crank, available at West Elm, The District, $60.
  7. Toshiba Satellite laptop,
    available at Fry’s Electronics, Town Square, $650.
  8. Nixon Gunship Collection: 51-30 Chrono watch ($500) and Cape bifold wallet ($30), available at
  9. Lib Tech Dark Series 161W snowboard, available at, $670.
  10. Volcom Dapper Stone suit ($199) and vest ($44), available at Volcom, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. IKE camouflage bow tie, available at Neiman Marcus, Fashion Show, $85. Theory Sylvain shirt, available at Neiman Marcus, Fashion Show, $195.
  11. Robot wall decal by Hybrid Design for Upper Playground, available at, $85.

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