Bottoms Up

Everybody’s new favorite female rapper (sorry, Pepa), Nicki Minaj, dropped into Tao on Dec. 9 to celebrate her 26th birthday along with the Nov. 22 release of her debut album, Pink Friday—where there was so much pink going on that the only people missing were Peter Sellers, John Waters and Roger Waters. (The Pink Panther, Pink Flamingos and Pink Floyd. We’re not going to make you work for it.)

Minaj turned up in a nude body stocking decked out in pearls and feathers, for a look that was less Gaga-chic than “plucked chicken recently attacked by a bed of oysters.”

Joining her for the party were head-shaving models Cassie and Amber Rose (the one-time Kanye West girlfriend) and Young Money executives Mack Maine, Slim and Birdman. Upping the ante even more was an appearance by Lil Wayne, in a relentless display of label solidarity. Weezy, by court order, has to stay away from the sauce, but he was spotted smoking a cigar for the occasion.

The group of 50-plus had several tables in front of Tao’s Buddha, where Minaj toasted her friends for coming. Her first of two cakes of the night featured a pink Corvette with a li’l Nicki behind the wheel—complete with a YNGMONEY license plate. Great, now even her Barbies have money so tall they need smaller, made-of-sugar Barbies to climb it.