Casino Jack (R)


Director George Hickenlooper’s tale of corruption shellacs rather than shackles its GOP super-lobbyist anti-hero, Jack Abramoff. A miscast Kevin Spacey nails Abramoff’s ego and ambitiousness, but not his oily desperation. Even as a crash course in Abramoff’s numerous sins, Casino Jack is too flippant, especially when the lobbyist system in Washington goes on unchecked. Like its subject, Casino Jack is too slick for its own good.

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The Next Three Days (R)

Movie Review

The Next Three Days (R)

Writer/director Paul Haggis’ prison-break drama is so full of plot holes that it defies all suspension of disbelief. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks play husband and wife John and Lara. When Lara is jailed for murder, John takes a crash course in how to break Lara out. Haggis phones in the would-be suspense elements in favor of some heavy emoting from Crowe.