The Medium Is the Message

“When was the last time advertising media was, in and of itself, cool?” This is the question posed by AdRods, a new mobile promotions company. “I’ve been doing advertising for 20 years,” says co-founder Sean Mahoney. “This is the first time I’ve seen someone dance to an advertisement.”

Officially launched on Halloween weekend, AdRods starts with a simple premise—people love classic cars—and weds it with modern graphics and individualized touches to put a new spin on the rolling billboard concept. Using 3-D rendering technology, the very same thing that helps create visual effects in blockbuster movies such as Transformers, Mahoney says, the company custom wraps a classic and send it out to the Strip, or wherever clients want it.

“We go places other outdoor resources can’t,” he says, places such as valet loops, trade shows and special events.

As proof that AdRods grabs attention, the website offers videos of passersby taking pictures and giving shout-outs to drivers. “Frequency’s great, but engagement is better,” he says.

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