After the Blast

The Attic, an internationally known vintage clothing store in downtown Las Vegas, has been hit hard, literally, and may not be able to recover. In July, an NVEnergy transformer immediately next to the store exploded, damaging the building so badly that it will need to be torn down and rebuilt.

“I’m not a sue-happy type of person,” says Mayra Politis, owner of The Attic, as she walks through the gutted shell of what was once her thriving business. “I work hard, I like to carry my own weight. But I’m getting very impatient, because it’s been almost six months, and [NVEnergy] is acting as if I don’t care.”

She points out a crack in the front of the building, through which you can see her new store across the street. She was lucky to get the new space at all, though it’s only a third the size of her original store, and sales have shrunk in proportion to her floor space. Politis says without help, The Attic will be out of business in a year.

So far NVEnergy has refused to even speak with her or the owners of other damaged businesses about what it would take to fix things. Several others have already closed. But Politis refuses to give up.

In November she started putting up banners saying “NVEnergy blew up my building, and they don’t care.” She says her next step might be to hire an attorney. “I have Cuban blood in me, and we don’t just sit down and boo-hoo in a corner,” she says.

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