Black Swan (R)


Darren Aronofsky’s voyeuristic psycho-thriller has frenetic authenticity. Natalie Portman is dazzling as Nina, a ballet dancer determined to prove to her manipulative choreographer Leroy (Vincent Cassel) that she deserves the Swan Queen role in Swan Lake. Leroy coerces Nina into expanding mental and physical boundaries set by her mother (Barbara Hershey). Portman gives the film a foundation of disciplined substance that Aronofsky attacks with brushstrokes of subliminal menace.

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Next Big Thing

Robert Knight was the last man to photograph Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert before the guitar virtuoso’s untimely death. The final thing Vaughan said to him was, “You’ll know me when you hear me.” This is where the film Rock Prophecies begins, with Knight’s journey to find the next Stevie Ray. The Las Vegas Hilton recently ran a special screening of the documentary about rock ’n’ roll photographer Robert Knight, who has a gallery in the North Tower of the Hilton.