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Dom Pérignon, Vintage 2002, Tribute to Andy Warhol

It is said that for illustrious pop-art prince and devoted scenester Andy Warhol, Dom Pérignon was the Champagne of choice. The first in a series of tributes to icons of art, music and theater—revolutionaries who helped shape the modern world—Dom Pérignon has released the Andy Warhol tribute bottle, six variations on the traditional Dom for the 2000 and 2002 vintages. Guests will thrill at the eye-popping red, yellow, blue, green, fuchsia and purple labels, enjoying still more the peerless Champagne that earned 96 and 95 points respectively from Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator. Available at Surrender Nightclub, $850, and by request at Khoury’s Fine Wines & Spirits, $180.

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