Girls Night Out

Musician (kind of), risque-cell-phone-picture-enthusiast (certainly) and High School Musical-stress Vanessa Hudgens took to Pure at Caesars Palace on Dec. 18 for her 22nd birthday, rolling with friends after her recent Zac Efron-ectomy.

Hudgens and Musical co-star Efron, who had been dating for more than four years, were confirmed to have split Dec. 13, a day before her birthday. (Good call getting out before you have to go in for two gifts less than two weeks apart, Zac.)

Instead, she spent her night partying with Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow. What they lacked in floppy haired accompaniment, they made up for in awkwardly semi-private clubbing.

Starting with a trip to Social House at Crystals, the party shifted to Caesars, where Hudgens nestled into her table and drew the curtains in order to spend a little more quiet time with the girls. She slipped off her shoes, cast aside her purse and engaged in some friendly move-busting with Tisdale and Snow—stopping only for Mario’s “Break Up.”

The trio stayed until a little after 1 a.m. before retreating to the Hangover Emperor’s Suite.

As for her deal with Efron, Hudgens wouldn’t say if they were still talking or not. She only shot the thumbs-up and said, “We’re good.” Not even so much as a “Now I have to find someone else to foist this copy of Bandslam off on for Christmas.”