Mike Diamond

Gatekeeper and creative director for Savile Row Nightclub at Luxor (opening New Year’s Eve); age 37.

Style icons: David Bowie, Jim Morrison and Marlon Brando.

What he’s wearing now: Andrew Buckler jacket, shirt and pants; Versace ring; Dolce & Gabbana belt; Bailey of Hollywood hat.

Diamond doesn’t know if you will get past the door of Savile Row, but he does know that he will look good while telling you yes or no. “My outfits are a reflection of how I feel that day, and when I’m getting ready for work I know in the back of my mind that I’m going to be dealing with a lot of stress since I have the daunting task of choosing an eclectic group of people to create a successful party,” he says. “My clothes represent who I am—a little mix of everything. You’ll never catch me in a straight suit. I might wear a beanie paired with a designer jacket, jewelry and Puma runners.”