Social Media

Social Media

Best Connected

Chad Saunders, Director of VIP Marketing and Social Media, Angel Management Group

In a world where the number of comments, reposts, re-Tweets, and one’s amassed collection of friends and followers can make the difference between online popularity and digital solitude, local funnyman and host Saunders reigns supreme with his quirky, intelligent sense of humor and riotous Facebook posts that help you get through the day and inspire others to step it up a notch.

Top Tweeter

Jessica Blair, a.k.a. @JockinJB

It takes a special person to recognize life’s many peculiarities and meaningfully articulate them in 140 characters or less, but for Jessica Blair, announcing to the world “Today is the nine-month anniversary of me getting fixed, scrambled eggs for everyone,” is the kind of thing that will make a person Twitter royalty.

Networking Machine

Steve Gogolab, Director of Customer Development, STK Las Vegas

A native to the film and production industry, Gogolab hit Las Vegas with networking vengeance when he first moved into the Palms hotel to improve the Maloofs’ entertainment lineup. Since settling in, he has used his vast celebrity and high-roller Rolodex to help new businesses succeed and existing nightclubs and restaurants flourish. Gogolab is such the gifted networker, that you may well meet him once, and then quickly find out that he has already befriended your mother and is currently Facebooking football stats with your grandfather.

Mover & Shaker Award

Clement Reid (pictured), Nightlife Director, Moët Hennessy USA

Moët Hennessey’s nightlife brand liaison has lived two distinct lives. Born in France’s Rhone Valley, Reid’s childhood and college years were split between Ohio and France. After an internship coordinating VIP visits to the Hennessey distillery in Cognac, the international business graduate was set up for success in the market of his choice. Instead, he next spent a year volunteering in Senegal with the Peace Corps, teaching grassroots agricultural techniques to a population of 1,000 villagers without electricity or running water. The position he turned down at Veuve Clicquot headquarters in Reims, Champagne, would be waiting for him when he returned.

Today, Reid keeps a constant pulse of Vegas’ nightlife, dining, retail and entertainment markets for his marquee brands of Veuve Clicquot, Belvedere, Moët, Hennessey and Dom Pérignon. His days and nights are spent networking, gathering marketing intelligence and communicating (often in French) with colleagues in New York, L.A. and France. That his professional role makes him personally a mover-and-shaker is a responsibility Reid takes seriously. “The way I take that, you become an ambassador for everything you encompass—the brands I represent, the establishments I frequent, the people I associate with.”

“It’s a privilege to be recognized within our industry and our industry is leisure, entertainment and nightlife,” he says. Since his work is our play, when not working he goes for a hike, a motorcycle ride or hits downtown or Town Square to “just get lost in the general population for a few hours. What I’ve really come to appreciate in Vegas is that once you’re off the Strip you’re really off the grid.”

Biggest News Story of the Year



In a city where nightlife rules, this year’s dominant story was the September acquisition of Pure Management Group by Angel Management Group. Buying PMG put AMG in the position to prove that it not only throws a good party but can own and operate entire venues, too. A whole lot of them.

“Pure is an opportunity that popped up a few times in our history,” AMG vice president of strategy Nick McCabe says. “It has always been something we’ve been interested in.”

The ownership position was what AMG was interested in, and McCabe said it wanted to shake the perception that it couldn’t operate its own venues. “We’re a very strong operations company we just weren’t flexing those muscles.”

The new additions brought the total number of venues AMG owns and operates to a monumental 21. Crucial to AMG’s success is its ability to offer something for everyone. ”We have a great scale on the market,” vice president of operations Derek Silberstein says. “Diversity is a key to our success.”

AMG is eager to put its stamp on some of the spaces acquired from PMG and will open the exclusive Savile Row on Dec. 31, replacing Luxor’s now-defunct Noir Bar.