Tailor-Made Nightlife at Savile Row

2010 returned “bespoke” to popular usage, though not exclusively in reference to custom suiting. Previewing New Year’s weekend and promising a bespoke nightlife experience, Angel Management Group’s new boîte, Savile Row (rhymes with “gravel”; named for London’s street of custom suit shops), aims to embody discriminating taste as it replaces Noir Bar beneath LAX’s entry bridge.

“We’re trying to create a place where people will do whatever it takes to get in,” says AMG’s vice president of marketing, Alex Cordova. Las Vegas: Brace yourself to possibly hear the word “no.”

Entering via one of two doors outside Luxor (one is members-only, very Mission: Impossible), guests proceed down the long hallway—now brick-lined, a nod to London and New York—to reach the tailor’s workshop-inspired Fitting Room and the English manor-esque Drawing Room. Under the direction of Ray Srp (Bellagio, Julian Serrano), bottle service and cocktails are joined by punch-bowl service, popular elsewhere but rare in Las Vegas outside Downtown Cocktail Room and now Jaléo. And you never know who might pop in to perform live.

Savile Row opens for invite-only previews New Year’s weekend, 10 p.m.-3 a.m.; it’s doorman’s discretion 3-6:30 a.m. The same goes for Fridays and Saturdays in January, after which 250 scenesters will be grandfathered in as members. A board of directors will handle memberships thereafter and following the February grand opening, the world can try its luck. Unlike its predecessor, Savile Row (SavileRowLV.com) will advertise widely, though mostly to locals. Says Cordova, “This is their place, and they will refer the right type of customers.”

Redefining the notion of exclusivity (in that it’s actually exclusive), Cordova says, “We’re trying to educate the Las Vegas audience on what it means to get into this venue. It’s really about getting the ‘right’ group of people entering the space.” Tasked with selection is creative director Mike Diamond (Manhattan’s Pangea, Bungalow 8), who will determine crowd composition like the notes in a perfume formula. Diamond is soon to be one of the most loved/hated men in Vegas. Better brush up on your doorman-chatting skills.

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