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Compiled by @marseniuk

@Jesus_M_Christ Scarlett Johansson is single again? Well happy early birthday to me!

@anura “If you want Wikileaks to shut down, ask Yahoo to buy it.”

@PhutureLaFait Growing up there was always a dude who u just knew was gay but he wasn’t “out.” Well, he’s on FB now and u were right about him.

@kdn13 What have the holidays done? Can’t stop thinking about Christmas trees, sequined dresses, and my future bridal registry. Still single, boys!

@jordanrubin My ancestors never had a family crest, because there’s no way to draw worrying, nagging, complaining and gassy.

@capricecrane Santa is “gonna find out who’s naughty or nice?” Who does he think he is, my gynecologist?

@PimpBillClinton #2010disappointments though we made many advancements in society, sadly, pimpin’ STILL isn’t easy. 🙁

@getoffendedcom Convincing ur kids Santa @ the mall is real is pointless when he smells of vodka & hits on his elf every 5 min. I need to find a new mall.

@EdgarGallardo I wonder if the teller at #WellsFargo will go out with me knowing how broke I am…

@thevegasjunebug He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake? STALKER!

@xo_shallen New Years resolution: become a lesbian. I’m having no luck with guys it seems.

@SchwartzNpwr U know ur in trouble when u get smacked on the tush Xmas Eve and it doesn’t stop shaking till New Years!

@FNFGaryJ Don’t believe In New Years resolution. I’ll change when I want.

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