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Poker goddess Suzie Lederer has a second passion, beyond husband Howard’s card-playing empire. She loves jewelry and is the creative director behind the Lord Griffon accessory line. Perfect for the guy who is into a little skin: Check out the collection’s stingray leather bracelet for spring. $820, Lior at the Venetian,

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Ahead of Its Time


Ahead of Its Time

By Ida Siverio

Every year for the past five years, the art world has set its watch by Design Miami’s global forum for the best in design. For its sixth edition, Design Miami relocated to Miami Beach, adjacent to Art Basel. The result was an even deeper communion between the art world, the design world and collectors and followers. Under this year’s innovative tent structure, designed by Moorhead & Moorhead Studio, the international design community gathered to honor Konstantin Grcic as Designer of the Year.