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@YUCKYBOT Thanks, but parking in the “Expecting Mother” parking spot wasn’t a mistake. I’m expecting yours.

@jasonmustian Oh, dude at the pharmacy. Your box of condoms says you’re into safe-sex, but your ‘Tap-Out’ t-shirt says you don’t care if it’s consensual.

@Lust4Food Woke up to snow everywhere & it wasn’t another Vegas coke party.

@ToddAngkasuwan If it weren’t for CES, geeks wouldn’t have an alibi for attending AVN.

@vidalia_ The prettiest people do the ugliest things.

@RobertDSullivan I just opened a Red Bull, which means I broke a New Year’s resolution in record time. At least I didn’t put vodka in it. Or Hershey’s syrup.

@JohnnyMoxie Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin just broke up after 8 years of dating. Apparently her New Years Resolution was to OPEN HER EYES.

@krysstylin Holy shit some of the padding on these bras is hilarious, what do u all do when a guy actually goes to take off your bra?!

@KnightlyGrind Headed down to the Strip with my 16-year-old daughter to start off the New Year as an irresponsible parent.

@rotsu Vegas will be filled with nerds soon (CES). Best time to be there and gut the freaking nerds in poker. #win.

@DavidSpade I see another cover with teen moms. Note to mags: Let’s try to differentiate being 16 and preg from winning the lottery. Might help the prob.

@izokzr Can everyone please shut up about the snow in Vegas now? It’s only important if work gets canceled.

@marvski Oh shit! Precious is on Netflix. I’ve always wanted to watch this comedy.

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