Why We’ll Miss 2010

1. It was not 2009.

2. The exciting inauguration of Las Vegas’ groundbreaking Open Spaces Construction Initiative: Build ’em big, leave ’em empty.

3. It was a time when Brian Sandoval didn’t need a plan.

4. The Cosmo—coming soon!

5. State services—funded at 2010 levels!

6. It was not 2011.

7. Oh, never mind.

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Mid-Mod Mexico


Mid-Mod Mexico

By Melinda Sheckells

Photo by Keri MadonnaThink pink at Las Brisas. Silver-screen stars jetting off to exotic locales to frolic in the sun and commit indiscretions outside of the glaring eye of Hollywood is nothing new. One of the destinations favored by celebrities since the 1950s is Mexico—close but not too far away. One of their original cities of choice was Acapulco.