7 New Workouts

Get acquainted with the hottest—and sweatiest—workout regimes for the new year and the new you

Last year in this magazine we told you about a number of workout trends. Remember kettlebells and Cross-Fit? While those regimens are still raging, 2011 offers a fresh slate of ways to help you live up to that New Year’s resolution to try a new way to get in shape. Here are seven we found worth looking into:

Barre. This workout regimen has recently gained steam in Las Vegas with two new locations—Town Square and Summerlin. These hourlong sessions incorporate a ballet barre with simple, muscle-burning exercises. Not rhythmically gifted? Don’t worry, this class requires no dancing; it only uses one aspect of a dance genre to help trim down that extra flab and sculpt a beautiful, lean body. 6521 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite B-106, 362-2773; 1215 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 150, 243-2277; BarreLasVegas.com.

Gyrotonics. This system uses odd-looking machines to help stretch and strengthen muscles. The best part is that it’s low-resistance, increasing your range of motion with minimal effort while improving coordination, strength, flexibility and spinal function. Factor in the prescribed breathing patterns and you’ve got a concentrated, methodical regimen that works every part of your body. Eight Valley locations; visit Gyrotonic.com.

Krav Maga. Take out some serious aggression while improving your body. Awesome, right? A form of fighting, Krav maga involves discipline, stamina and concentration, incorporating aggressive movements such as kicks, punches, bear hugs and chokes. At Team Krav Maga Las Vegas, these group regimens also employ kettlebells, resistance bands, bag training, stabilization and balance for a complete—and intense—body workout. 7035 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 500, 240-5166, LasVegasKravMaga.com.

Kangoo Jumps. Remember pogo sticks? That frustrating contraption that required hopping around on a stick? Kangoo is the new pogo. Just strap on a pair of Kangoo boots for a little spring in your step. These boots (which were studied by UNLV’s department of kinesiology) come equipped with a spring, working muscles, balance and stamina. Jog—err, jump—around the neighborhood or find a Kangoo jumping class. Either way, Kangoo can be done with or without a gym membership. KangooJumps.ch.

Paddle to the Core. Work out amid some of the best scenery Las Vegas has to offer—and it’s not the Strip. Grab a board and give your balance and strength the ultimate test out on Lake Las Vegas. At Paddle to the Core, participants can sign up for Stand Up Paddleboarding and Paddle Yoga. It may be the most intense yet relaxing workout of your life, so jump on board. In Loews Hotel, 101 Montelago Blvd., SupLV.com.

Footbiking. If the Flintstones had a bicycle, it would probably look like a Footbike. Built with no seat or pedals, a Footbike acts more like a larger scooter, with the rider alternating legs to push forward and then glide. Designed by a Finnish medical student who wasn’t able to run, “Footbike is really a non-impact running machine,” says Henderson resident Jeff Oakie, president of Footbike USA. He prefers to ride along the new paved trail at Sunset Park, but says Footbike works great anywhere. “Because it is so easy to walk with,” he says, “we find that any combination of road, trail and sidewalk make for the perfect route.” Footbikes range from $189 to $429, available at Paddle to the Core at Lake Las Vegas, or at FootBikeUSA.com.

Indoor Cycling. Brand new to the Valley, Indoor Cycling gives locals a chance to improve their cycling skills even if the weather conditions are unforgiving. Just head over to the Fitness Source LV and join fellow bikers in a group session, featuring an additional workout, too. But remember to BYOB—bring your own bike. 8933 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100, TheFitnessSourceLV.com.

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