Alana Litavis

Director of advertising for the Palms Casino Resort; age 27

What she’s wearing now: Zara blazer and pants, Banana Republic shirt and tie, grandma’s rhinestone sweater clips, ASOS heels and Niessing ring.

Style icons: “I am inspired by things I read or people I see, and then I like to add my own twist. I’ve been into Freja Beha Erichsen lately. She’s been featured in campaigns for Tom Ford and Chanel.”

When Litavis wants a unique piece to highlight a special outfit, she doesn’t have to look very far. “Both of my grandmothers had jewelry boxes full of vintage jewelry and I love it,” she says. “I believe in mixing pieces from all types of stores whether they are affordable or expensive, then I add a few of my own one-of-kind accessories and that’s how my outfits usually come together every day.”