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1947 Premium Lager

A frequent guest behind Vegas’ decks, Manhattan’s DJ Suhel Jagtiani and friends Nirav Vyas and Nipa Shah created 1947 Premium Lager to complement India’s rich and flavorful cuisine. The founding premise of 1947 Premium Lager is that 1947 is the year of India’s Independence,” Jagtiani says. Bold as its namesake, the lager is a rich golden color, crisp and substantial enough on the palate to stand up to bold spices and hearty dishes without diminishing. Grass-roots marketing (and a few stealth six-packs) has brought the boutique beer from Manhattan, where it launched, to the movers and shakers of Vegas’ Indian culinary and cocktail scene. Keep an eye out as 1947 will hopefully become available in the Vegas market within the year.