Gulliver’s Travels (PG)


Jack Black stars in this lackluster update of Jonathan Swift’s classic tale for the Taylor Swift set, turning Lemuel Gulliver into every other crude loser schlub Black has ever played. Somehow a fine cast rounds out this clunker: Emily Blunt, Jason Segel and Billy Connolly are among the Lilliputians, and Amanda Peet plays Black’s unlikely love interest. If you find the idea of a giant urinating on a miniature town hilarious, by all means buy a ticket.

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I Love You Philip Morris (R)

Movie Review

I Love You Philip Morris (R)

There’s something truly romantic about the bond between Ewan McGregor’s and Jim Carrey’s gay lovers in this con-man story. Based on the exploits of an actual thief named Steven Russell, the movie is funny and dramatic. Russell discovers a love for fellow prison inmate Phillip Morris (McGregor) while serving time. Lots of fun goofy sight-gags, slapstick chase scenes and snappy character bluffs.