Makeup in 2036

7 predictions for the future

A quarter century from now, what will be the top products in the beauty industry? With improving technology and the ever-evolving desires of the consumer, I can only imagine the possibilities:

1. Water-activated mascara. A mascara that never dries out and will create any style lash. By activating the wand underwater, the mascara will instantly have a new texture to build more lashes. The more water you put on the wand the thicker and heavier the application. False eyelashes will be a thing of the past.

2. Light-reactive makeup. This unique type of cosmetic allows makeup to change color from day to night. Each product will have two colors. One for day and one for night. Once the sun goes down, the makeup will change to a darker look for night. You would be able to mix and match colors effortlessly without having to change your makeup twice in one day. This would significantly alter a woman’s daily regimen. 3. Botox concealer. With society’s need to look younger, this product is no surprise. Just a little swipe under the eyes and on the forehead makes skin appear tighter and relatively wrinkle-free. The product would be for daily use and—if it passes health regulations—would revolutionize the industry.

4. Collagen lipstick. Ever wanted fuller lips but are too scared to get collagen injections? I predict that our lipstick will one day be infused with collagen, leaving lips plump and juicy all night long. Health risk? Maybe. But you can’t blame a girl for dreaming.

5. Eyeliner stickers. Have you ever spent hours trying to draw the perfect winged-out eye line but just can’t seem to get it right? These stickers would come in every imaginable design and color. You would simply place where desired; peel off and, voilà, the perfect line without the fuss.

6. Retinol-infused foundation. Desperate for a secret anti-aging product? Wouldn’t a foundation that not only covers your blemishes but also infused with Retinol to give your skin a tighter, younger look each day you wear it be an amazing invention?

7. Eye drops that change eye color. We spend millions of dollars each year buying colored contacts to enhance our features. These eye drops would come in multiple colors and would be for daily use: one day green eyes, the next day blue.