Brushes with the Mob

Memories of the good old, bad old days from your neighbors who lived on the margins of the Mafia.

They arrived with dark pasts and rough connections. They built a city in brick and blood and blinding light. They were our bosses, our neighbors, our friends, our families. And then they were gone.

But we remember.

  • City Father
    • He’s gone down in history as a legendary mobster, a business genius, a city builder and a philanthropist. But for one Las Vegas girl, Moe Dalitz was just Dad. Read more »
  • At the Court of a Vegas King
    • Growing up in Las Vegas, my sister and I read newspaper stories about Desert Inn hotel owner Moe Dalitz. The articles usually included a phrase like “who has alleged mob ties.” Read more »
  • Always Tip the Paperboy
    • Like many Las Vegans who’ve lived in the city for more than three decades, I have about five or six mob stories I could share. But only one that I’m willing to write about. Read more »
  • Firing Lines
    • Before I was a history professor, or even a history major, I was a cub reporter for The Valley Times. I started in April 1982, after the newspaper’s glory days, when it had regularly beaten the R-J and Sun on major stories and provided the first truly in-depth local coverage of gaming and politics. Read more »
  • Sweet Old Uncle Willie
    • They said he had the coldest eyes, but I never really saw him much. Willie worked at night and slept during the day. He owned the Flamingo with Davie Berman and Meyer Lansky. Read more »
  • The Vagrants
    • In 1970, I was working business burglaries for the old sheriff’s department. One day, the Chief of Detectives, Gene Clark, recruited John DeMoss and me from our desks in the bureau and told us to meet detectives Phil Leone and Curt Lackey from the Intelligence Unit in the garage. Read more »
  • My Mob Memoir
    • I remember the mob. Or at least I remember having memories about the mob, which have mixed with other memories that may or may not be about the mob. Read more »
  • Mob Haunts
    • Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Here are seven spots where Vegas mob royalty gathered to recharge among friends and family. Read more »