Leader of the Pack

Platinum Entourage pioneers the city’s first blow-dry bar

The blow-dry bar trend, where clients come in just to have their hair styled, rather than colored or cut, has spread faster than word of a sale at Louboutin. It is said to have roots in London, naturally progressing to other beauty-obsessed urban areas such as Los Angeles and New York. Women love the convenience of having a safe zone where they can take a break for their flatirons and let someone else do the wrist work.

Las Vegas hair designer Todd White and his team of commercial hair stylists and makeup artists at Platinum Entourage, know all too well that frizzy locks are a universal problem, and they have dedicated their careers to battling bad hair on the set of television shows and photo shoots. Capitalizing on the phenomenon of “blow and go,” White and his band of beauty experts recently unveiled Blow-Dry Bar + Salon (6670 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 200, 410-5459), focusing on bouncy styles and makeup.

At first the concept seems to be about offering services already implemented in traditional beauty salons, but it is that simplicity combined with an exceptional ambience that ties everything together. It’s a salon open to the public with a studio type environment.

“When working behind the scenes on a photo shoot and designing the ‘look’ of a cover model, our job is to execute the ‘look’ perfectly, focusing directly on the style of the hair,” White says. “Because of our experience, we can promise red-carpet worthy styles, and this gives us an advantage above a conventional salon.”

“The salon has been designed to feel artsy and spacious, much like the studio a fashion photographer may work from,” says Craig West, co-founder of Platinum Entourage. “We’ve added crystal chandeliers, whimsical pieces and clean lines to create a luxurious experience.”

The Blow-Dry Bar + Salon’s main focus is the perfect blow-dry, offering a “Style Menu” consisting of eight variations. The team elevates blow-outs to a calculated science, creating designs that accentuate a woman’s natural beauty. The mantra is that every guest is a celebrity, and oftentimes multiple artists work together on a single client, providing the true star treatment.

The majority of Platinum Entourage artists have performance backgrounds or extensive experience in the entertainment industry, such as Bayley Brunnmeier, a freelance actress, dancer, stuntwoman and hair designer.

“There were many times I had to provide my own hair and makeup,” Brunnmeier says. “So, I learned how to get real creative, real quick. But it’s something that comes naturally to me. Platinum Entourage is the perfect home for an artist like myself, and there is no other salon I have worked for that even compares.”

Megan Mulligan, a makeup artist for Platinum Entourage, has 15 years in the industry, including recent work with a variety of artists and TV networks, from Andrea Bocelli to Kimberley Locke and Julissa Veloz of American Idol.

“I have had so many opportunities and unique experiences,” Mulligan says. “Working at the salon is awesome because I get to share to my professional artistry with the everyday woman, and my clients leave looking and feeling like celebrities.”

Customer favorites for makeup tend to be the flawless smoky eye, the “Kim Kardashian,” or the “Taylor Swift,” a look consisting of winged eyeliner and lush, red lips. For hair, coconut and sweet orange scents dominate.

Accustomed to working under the last-minute nature of fashion industry, Platinum Entourage’s Blow-Dry Bar + Salon suits the city’s fast-paced nature, giving a growing number of clients what celebrities have been enjoying for years.

“So many woman have thanked me for bringing the blow-dry bar concept to Las Vegas,” White says. “I never get tired of hearing ‘I’ve been waiting for something like this for years.’”