Steven Harris Architects’ recently published monograph True Life (Princeton Architectural Press) chronicles the firm’s 25 years of crafting great spaces around its client’s daily activities, which include dining, lounging, studying, playing and sleeping. The primary focus of its work is people rather than objects. $50,

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Makeup in 2036


Makeup in 2036

By Whitney Urichuk

A quarter century from now, what will be the top products in the beauty industry? With improving technology and the ever-evolving desires of the consumer, I can only imagine the possibilities: 1. Water-activated mascara. A mascara that never dries out and will create any style lash. By activating the wand underwater, the mascara will instantly have a new texture to build more lashes. The more water you put on the wand the thicker and heavier the application. False eyelashes will be a thing of the past.