Mob Haunts

Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Here are seven spots where Vegas mob royalty gathered to recharge among friends and family.

1. My Place Lounge. This bar, adjoining the Upper Crust Pizzeria, was co-owned by Tony Spilotro’s longtime associate Frank Cullotta and served as the starting point many evenings for Spilotro, Cullotta, Joey Cusumano, “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein and the rest of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. The mobsters once found FBI surveillance devices in the bar, leading the FBI to seek a court order in an attempt to repossess their bugs. The building still stands at 4110 S. Maryland Parkway and is now known as Favorites.

2. Villa d’Este. This restaurant, now the site of Piero’s at 355 Convention Center Drive, was the fine-dining spot of choice for mobsters, celebrities and other power brokers for nearly two decades. Although owned by Joe Pignatello, the place was allegedly purchased by Sam Giancana using Teamsters Union money.

3. Tower of Pizza. This long-departed Strip eatery was portrayed in the movie Casino as the Leaning Tower. It was owned by New York transplant Gaspare “Jasper” Speciale, who also ran an illegal bookmaking and loan-sharking operation out of the restaurant, which was near the current spot of the Cosmopolitan, until Spilotro muscled him out.

4. Rube’s. This longtime bar across from UNLV on Maryland Parkway was named after owner Earl Rubenstein, and was a frequent meeting place for Spilotro and the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. This place was also a favorite of local reporters, who sometimes were sent drinks by Spilotro. Cops would often park their black-and-whites in front of the joint, just to irritate the mobsters and discourage customers.

5. The Coachman’s Inn. This longtime locals hangout is still at 3240 S. Eastern Ave. Back in the day, Spilotro dined there often with his family and loved the joint’s jukebox, which was stocked with standards by Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

6. Port Tack. This was another favorite bar of Spilotro, who hung out there after he was listed in the Black Book and barred from entering any Nevada casino. It was located at 3190 W. Sahara Ave.

7. The Food Factory. Located on East Twain Avenue near Swenson Street, this hamburger joint was owned by John Spilotro, brother of Anthony, who ate there almost daily.

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