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Compiled by @marseniuk

@ItsEyeris U know you’re in a gay bar when people play the Glee version of songs on the jukebox.

@NovaKabala Best thing about Hustler Vegas is my girl Va JJ from Baltimore dances here now. She does the robot on stage and everything.

@aceofsocal Flight home is 150 bucks cheaper if I stay an extra night in Vegas. But how much money will I blow by staying that extra night?

@BoobsRadley Sometimes I do that thing from the movie “Studio 54” where I roll around on a bed full of money, except instead of money it’s my sheets.

@davecaughey If Charlie Sheen was offended by Ricky Gervais’ joke at the Golden Globes, he needs to get off his high whores.

@RudebutTRUE Is it too soon to think about Valentine’s day? Especially if you’re single.

@MIKESNEDEGAR Unfollowing someone is like breaking up with them digitally, in one click you essentially say, “It’s not you, … OK, maybe it is you.”

@BrookeInVegas I saw a fat guy in running shorts bend over and he wasn’t wearing underwear and long story short I’m a lesbian now.

@SamoaJoe Singing Steel Panther’s “Community Property” under your breath elicits the most awesome dirty looks from old ladies @ airport.

@jessicajanson Leaving work. Yes at 5 am. The life of a hustler. #Vegas.

@DangerGuerrero I think I’d like snowboarding if it wasn’t for the cold, snow, constant threat of catastrophic injury, & mountainful of douche snowboarders.

@johnwray_pkr Upset that your old astrological sign is meaningless now? Got news for ya, the new ones are meaningless, too.

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