Welcome to the Idea Factory

Movingsun returns with a modern nightlife manifesto

It’s been just 10 weeks since veteran nightlife marketing guru Michael Fuller decided to resurrect his branding outfit, Movingsun (Movingsun.com), and already, the former N9NE Group vice president has amassed a list of key partners and clients as to inspire envy in even the most established of companies. His secret? “Empowerment.”

Working from his guesthouse, Fuller has the new Movingsun up and running with a three-year plan, a team of five and room to grow. The airy, modern and youthfully decorated pad is the perfect setting for what Fuller calls his “idea lab.”

Vegas born and raised, Fuller is a self-made entrepreneur who threw his first party just nine months out of high school. The rave scene of 1992 welcomed the street-smart promoter, now 38, who found a niche in printing club fliers in the pre-Facebook, pre-Evite era. This led to early e-blasting and website design and finally to full-blown marketing representation, which is when he was snatched up by N9NE Group. And all along, Fuller would DJ (as The Funkler) to keep, as he says, the creative juices flowing.

He exited N9NE Group in 2010 for a short-lived business development role with Angel Management Group. “I came to a point in my career where I thought I can be doing more,“ he says. Epiphany led to action and Movingsun emerged from the ashes. The new incarnation is led by Fuller as president with former Movingsun, N9NE Group and Light Group alumni Dave Gutierrez as entertainment director, office manager Jennevive McPherson, jack-of-all-trades Jessie Gibson and creative by Rachel Esquibel.

Projects on the table include La Cave at Wynn (Movingsun’s first client), electronic music DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold, Red Bull creative and consulting on music programming for Madonna’s Hard Candy gyms. Fuller’s quiet cool and intimate comprehension of marketing makes his streamlined company a torpedo for hire. “It’s based on relationships,” he says, and that requires nurturing as “relationships can walk out the door.”

Returning to the notion of empowerment, “Everybody in this company is doing exactly what they want to be doing with their lives,” Fuller says. “I think we’ll be one of the first ones to bounce back from the economy. I’m not really thinking about 2011—I’m thinking about 2013.”