Wings of Death

Diablo’s Cantina recently unveiled Las Vegas’ latest “Look, Mom! No brains!” opportunity with the ominously named Diablo’s Death Wing Challenge. Your seemingly innocuous order of 20 chicken wings is on the house if you can down the lot of ’em in less than 20 minutes.

Of course, these wings have been specially treated with a house-made sauce created with palate annihilation in mind. We hear it contains 6 pounds of pureed habanero peppers, 1 gallon of hot sauce and an unholy assortment of other malicious spices per wicked gallon batch, 8 ounces of which end up on each order.

In addition to the free eats, victors are further spoiled with a T-shirt, a certificate and their photo on the Wall of Fame. This is serious stuff; you have to sign a waiver even to participate. And as no challenge would be fun without at least the possibility of embarrassing oneself, losers are duly relegated to Diablo’s Wall of Shame and have to pay for the privilege, $25 for the order of wings. Surprisingly, bar spies report that out of the 25 or so attempts to date, five have succeeded. However, this was before 1 ounce of Ghost Chili (a.k.a. pure evil) extract was invited to the party. So, kudos to those of you lucky enough to accept the challenge before those Scoville bombs arrived. God help the rest of us. You’ll find Diablo’s in the Monte Carlo hotel-casino.

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