The People Issue

First things first. Why have we left you out of this magazine? You are, after all, intriguing. Every morning—or maybe every night—you wake up and go about the business of making this city fabulous. You are stylish, admirable, energetic. What’s more, you’ve got big plans this year, and the things you do are sure to impact us all, in a butterfly-effect sort of way. Trust us: You were on our short list. Keep that in mind as you enjoy our inaugural tribute to a diverse group of movers and shakers, thinkers and dreamers who are helping to set the tone and chart the course as Las Vegas ventures into the challenges, occasional perils and endless opportunities of 2011.

Photography by
Anthony Mair, Francis + Francis, Bryan Hainer, Hamesh Shahani

Sam Cherry

The Mayor of Hoover Street

Austin Russell

Just Your Average Famous Guy

Robert Dorgan

The Designer

Hayley Hunter

Bohemian Visionary

Danielle Kelly

Guardian of the Lights

Zaher ‘Z’ Fakih

The Hookah Master

Tara Palsha

Dancer for the Ages

Bill Young

The Public Servant

Kimberly Valdez

Dessert Virtuoso

Steven Horsford

The Statesman

Brooke Olimpieri

Dressmaker to a New Generation

Michael Parks

Casino Seller

Staci Linklater

The Urban Stylist

DJ Five

Master of the Mix

Bryce Harper

Prospect on the Verge

Greg Hise

Historian of the Suburban Dream

Alex Garza

American Dreamer

Maythinee Washington

The Storyteller

Daren Libonati

The Showman

Torrey Sleight

The Model

Kyle Markman

The Impresario

Lucy Flores

The Assemblywoman

Alex Cordova

The Nightlife Architect

Hong Sun & Hui Zhang

The Cancer Trailblazers

Patrick Duffy

Collector in Exile

Craig & Corey Nyman

Brotherhood for a Better Vegas

Trisha Hall

Keeper of the Brand

Paul Beard

The Stage Setter

Napoleon McCallum

The All-American