Brooke Olimpieri

Dressmaker to a New Generation

Brooke Olimpieri knows that businesses are built on focus, discipline and the courage to take risks. So when she quit her job at Rain Nightclub last year to dedicate all her time to her clothing line, Filthy Mouth, she understood what she was getting into. Today she puts all the money she makes from Filthy Mouth right back into the company. She’s just launched an online shop, and has plans to expand production.

The small-town girl from Oregon moved to Las Vegas in 2001; Filthy Mouth Clothing was born in 2002. At 29, Olimpieri is the company’s owner, designer, manufacturer, distributor and occasional model. She describes her line’s aesthetic as “easy, clothing that I can wear casually with flat shoes or dress up with heels and jewelry for nighttime—it’s fabrics that are comfortable, forgiving and keep you tucked in in all the right places.” Filthy Mouth, whose prices range from $70-$250 at, is all about quality and having something different. If you want to check out the clothes in person, Filthy Mouth is featured at the Stuff Store in the Palms. Olimpieri makes only six to seven dresses in each color and style, so if you find the perfect dress, you won’t be dressed the same as 30 other women at the same club.

Olimpieri purchases her fabrics in the garment district in Los Angeles, and they all are domestic materials. All of the clothing is made in a loft-type room in her home, where she has set up her own assembly line. She begins the creative process without sketches; instead, she jumps straight into cutting out a pattern she has been dreaming about. She is also the fit model for the brand, and it usually takes a few tries before she gets the new pattern just right. Next she works on the arms, then all the tops, then all the skirts, much like the process of a manufacturing company—minus the labor force.

Filthy Mouth has celebrity clients such as Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Avril Lavigne. A few dresses at a time, Olimpieri is infusing high-fashion influences such as Alexander Wang with sexy cuts and fabrics to bring style and class to our city.