Craig & Corey Nyman

Brotherhood for a Better Vegas

Almost from birth, brothers Corey and Craig Nyman, 33 and 29 respectively, seemed destined for a life in the food and beverage industry. Grandpa Dave owned a deli and liquor store; father Robert gained a reputation as “the consultant’s consultant,” and today heads up The Nyman Group LTD, a boutique firm based in Scottsdale, Ariz., that specializes in food and beverage. When most kids were getting the birds-and-bees talk, the brothers got what they affectionately call “The Restaurant Conversation.” The family biz—were they in or were they out?

The talk obviously went well: The brothers started menu-consulting with Dad before their bar mitzvahs.

In late 2006, Corey joined the Nyman Group as director of operations. Since Craig followed suit last year, the Nyman Group has managed F&B overhauls from the American Southwest to West London.

Since first moving to Las Vegas in 1995 to cook at Spago, Corey has opened Valentino in 1999, Mesa Grill in 2004 and Stack at The Mirage in 2005. During the Mesa opening, Corey spent three months living in Caesars Palace’s famous Room 777 in the Roman Tower.

In 2004, after working in media relations for the National Lacrosse League’s Arizona Sting, Craig moved into Caesars with Corey. He soon landed a PR position with Kirvin Doak Communications that for the next five years made him the point man for Pure Management Group and MGM Grand nightlife. No surprise that when Craig joined the family business it was as director of PR and marketing.

Meanwhile, Corey has developed his own wine. A local launch is expected in May, but already more than 10 restaurants have signed on to carry the Willamette Valley, Ore., pinot noir. Corey became familiar with the area’s soil and grape varieties in 2002 and 2003 while running a restaurant in Portland; serious work on the project began in 2008.

“I’ve always had that passion, always talked about it,” he says. “I knew it could always be a reality but finally made a decision to make it a happen.”

Craig has been equally busy, launching his boutique PR firm, CAN Media, in September. As with the Nyman Group, Craig is able to give his clients instant media presence via social media. CAN’s full-time clients include Vegas’ Casa Fuente Cigar Bar and Napa’s Pushback Wines. “It was a natural fit for me to take what is one of the things I really know best and parlay that, keeping in the hospitality field but being able to expand the Nyman Group.” Although success has threatened to pull them away from Las Vegas, the brothers have made it a point to remain firmly rooted in the town that has given them so much. “Vegas still remains home and where we conduct out business from,” Craig says. “It’s made us who we are.”