An Eclectic Crossroads

Southeast outpost delivers fusion, fast and fresh

The outsized Foothills Plaza is strategically placed at the confluence of Stephanie Street and Horizon Ridge Parkway (1450 W. Horizon Ridge) in Henderson, adjacent to the upscale development MacDonald Highlands, and is home to a rich diversity of dining options.

The jewel in the crown at this mall is Mi Peru South American Grill, a Peruvian restaurant owned by the urbane Raymi Mosca. Peruvian food is hot in New York, and was the original fusion cuisine. Chinese and Japanese influences abound in dishes such as chaufas, fried rice dishes, and crudo, raw fish. It so happens that Peru gave the world ceviche, and it is great here. I also love the causa de atun, a layered appetizer of tuna, potatoes and aji (a Peruvian chili pepper), and the pollo a la brasa, Peruvian rotisserie chicken. For dessert, there are alfajores, round shortbread cookie sandwiches filled with the caramelized milk called dulce de leche. 220-4652,

If you are in a mood for pizza, there are two choices. One is the popular Metro Pizza, a local chain, and the other is Jesse’s Pizza, a one-owner, one-store New York-style pizzeria. Both are fine, but I prefer the portion size and diversity at Metro, where pizzas are cooked in a gas oven with a stone cooking surface, and the crusts are golden brown, never oily and nicely elastic. I often get The Mulberry Street, a Margherita topped with additional eggplant and ricotta. Priced at $12.50, it easily serves two hungry mouths. 458-4769,; 898-5635,

Pub grub is the ticket at Timbers, a second locally owned chain. There is an Old West atmosphere inside—spurs, wagon wheels, etc.—plus a gaming area. The food is good for what it is. Soups are made on premises, served in rustic iron kettles; the Mountain Wildfire chili is quite good, indulgently done with pork and beef, topped with sour cream, Jack cheese and onions. Beer-battered fish and chips use coldwater cod. I really like the meat loaf stack they do at dinner. 492-0027,

Ta Ta Asian Bistro is so eclectic as to defy description. The restaurant serves Japanese and Chinese food, plus hibachi meats and various types of sushi. The ownership is Taiwanese so it all makes sense, as Taiwan was colonized by Japan for most of the 20th century. The Japanese Combo box lunch—shrimp and vegetable tempura, either beef, chicken or salmon teriyaki, and four pieces of California roll—is a good deal that starts at only $9.95. 565-8900,

If these don’t suffice, then just across the street (180 S. Stephanie St., in the smaller Stephanie Plaza, there is an interesting Thai/Chinese place, Little Dumpling Restaurant. Yum nuea Thai beef salad, or Panang curry in an intense red color are two of the recommended dishes here. 566-6200,

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