Mr. Results

Trainer Paul Rosenberg’s unique regimen keeps his ‘before and after’ collection growing

Paul Rosenberg figured out that image was important around the time most kids do.

“When I was 15 years old I was very skinny,” he recalls. “And I thought if I put on some muscles that would help me with women.” But Rosenberg proved to be a little more persistent than your average teenage boy, and the results showed up not just in the shape of his physique but that of his future. “I just started reading up all that I could about [fitness],” he says. “And I started helping out some of my friends. Then I’d call trainers and just kind of quiz them for fun.”

The fun turned serious when, after working with Judy Gillette at her private training studio in town, he started his own fitness training business in 1992 called Results Unlimited Fitness. Nearly 20 years later, it is called Real Results Fitness, and Rosenberg has become known around town for getting results for an array of prominent figures, including KVVU Fox 5 News anchor Heidi Hayes and meteorologist Ted Pretty, Arts Factory owner Wes Myles, and poker player David Williams.

Evidence of Rosenberg’s quick results lies in his library of “before and after” photos. In there you’ll find Amber Barnum, who came to Rosenberg shortly after giving birth to her son. The cocktail waitress started at 162 pounds and, after 16 weeks, became a sleek 124 pounds. She’s a good case study of Rosenberg’s patented tough-love approach.

Real Results Race

Paul Rosenberg has developed a focus beyond his training career. His third annual race, the Real Results Fitness 5K & Kids Dash, will be March 13 at The District at Green Valley Ranch. He started the race after his father died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago and he wanted to raise awareness. All proceeds go to the Hirshberg Foundation for pancreatic cancer research and Nevada Cancer Institute. Last year almost 400 people participated. Visit to sign up.

“Paul recognized the fact that I was athletically challenged,” Barnum recalls. “He worked with me and encouraged me while at the same time never letting me make excuses. Participating in Paul’s fitness program was the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever endured, but definitely the most worthwhile.”

Rosenberg does train some clients one-on-one, but he and his team of seven trainers keep their services affordable (about $235 a month) by predominately working with clients in groups (often at Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, Turnberry Place and Panorama Towers). Rosenberg also allows his clients to circuit-train with him five days a week, which ends up costing only $11.75 per session.

“One-on-one training can be very expensive,” he says. “That’s why we do a lot of group training [where] we can work four to eight people at a time. That makes it kind of fun for the client, because it makes it a social environment, plus every time the client comes in we mix it up.”

Roberto’s Taco owner Reynaldo Robledo is another Rosenberg success story. The 45-year-old lost 76 pounds in seven months through one-on-one sessions, featuring lots of cardio. Besides looking fitter, Robledo says his “No. 1 health benefit” was the reduction of his daily medication load from seven pills a day (needed to help his various health problems) to one pill to treat his diabetes.

Part of what gives Rosenberg’s regimen staying power is that his clients have to evaluate their diets, too.

“I don’t know many trainers that have a structured eating plan,” he says. “And that’s why I feel that we’ve been able to produce a lot of those ‘before and after’ photos.”

He has a 12-week eating plan that is given to clients (he hopes to publish it someday soon, too). Rosenberg also partnered with La Scala Restaurant to develop Real Meals, which are freshly packaged meals that follow his plan and can be picked up in advance at the restaurant each week.

The last secret to losing weight—dedication—is the most important, but it’s also the one that’s out of Rosenberg’s hands.

“You know if somebody is going to come to see me I want them here almost every day,” he says. “Then they get in the habit of doing it more and they make faster progress. I’m disciplined, I expect a lot and I’m not here to socialize that much. I might here and there, but when people come here they know that I mean business.”

Rosenberg’s Fitness Tips

Get a blood test. It’s the best way to see where your health is at and to measure progress.

Make your health (diet and exercise) one of your top three priorities in life. You are solely responsible for your body. It will only change by your efforts.

Exercise at the same time daily. Habit forms this way. The best time is right before or after work.

Shop and prep meals two times a week. Cooking meals in advance helps to be prepared.

Take food with you to work in a cooler daily. Eating out will make it tough to stay committed. Too many choices can lead to bad decisions.

Consider hiring a trainer. This will make you accountable and put pressure on you to exercise more often and harder than you might on your own.