Rinder Rouladen at Café Heidelberg

Although labor intensive, this traditional German dish is well worth the trouble. Café Heidelberg’s chefs stuff rolls of lean, tender beef with bacon, onions and pickles, then braises and serves them smothered in gravy alongside red cabbage and bread dumplings. $25, 610 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 2, 731-5310.

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John Schenk

John Schenk

By Marvin Lucas

Chef John Schenk is master of two things: steak and spinach. As executive chef of Strip House, he oversees six steak houses and holds the recipe for the most sensuous creamed spinach in the city. “It’s kind of my job to taste creamed spinach everywhere I go, and I find very few that even come close to ours,” Schenk says. “I’m a very modest person, but our creamed spinach is the best out there.”