Say Dada

Swedish duo Dada Life comes to Clash Fridays at Rain with a rider requesting Champagne and bananas, and a personal plan to go apeshit

Dada Life. A name meaning what exactly?

We don’t remember exactly when we came up with it; that probably says a lot about it. We live it every day and want all our listeners to live it, too.

In your single, “Unleash the Fucking Dada,” you instruct listeners to “Do the Dada.” What does it mean to live Dada?

Just go hard! You can do it in a lot of ways. At work, at a party, on the street. And do it with originality and no fear.

Are there certain elements you try to incorporate during production?

We just try to come up with sound that makes us jump up and down in the studio. We’re two, so in the studio we’re super-effective. It’s like a factory. And not that Warhol shit.

When can fans expect fresh additions to their Dada collections?

First we’re going to release a few EPs. The next one is on Dim Mak [Records] and out in the beginning of February. Then we will hit you all hard with our next full-length album [likely in 2011].

You post your own samples online for mixing. Has this heightened your relationship with fans?

We’ve been doing this from the start. We just love to hear what people from all over the world cook together with our sounds! We don’t think of our listeners as fans. We’re all one big dysfunctional family. Or sect.