So Rude!

Going beyond mere manners with Rick Rude

Los Angelino and S.K.A.M. Artist DJ Rick Rude will sojourn at Blush Boutique Nightclub in Wynn, spinning everything from disco-electro to hip-hop Thursdays beginning Jan. 27 through March.

In L.A., you have the title of being a “celebrity DJ,” and you are the official Family Guy DJ. What’s it like?

Man, I hate that term! But anytime that Seth [MacFarlane], Family Guy or Fox has an event, they book me. I don’t DJ on the show or anything; Seth usually throws “celebrity parties.” He knows how to throw a party.

It’s been two years since your leap from Boston to L.A. Did you experience any culture shock?

The food—it’s terrible. I’m Italian, so Italian food back home is incomparable to Los Angeles. You can’t get a good piece of pizza in L.A.! There’s decent pizza. … I’ll get through it.

So are you a big foodie then?

I love food. I love to experience new restaurants. Besides DJing, my friends and I are always looking for new places to eat. You can only be in a nightclub so much, you know?

Living in Las Vegas, I definitely do.

I like long walks on the beach and stuff, too.

That must have influenced your move to California.

I had never been to L.A. I was only 21 and had pretty much worked everywhere I could in Boston. I booked a ticket on a whim and went to visit [Vegas-based DJs] StoneRokk and Graham Funke. I came back and said I’ll live there in a year because I loved it so much.

You had been DJing for six years before swapping coasts. Today music is so accessible, but where did get your music back then?

I used to go to this train station by my house, and the guy there would have these bootleg mix tapes from New York, so I’d buy like five of them every week, all different genres.

You just released your own mix tape, Casablanca, the cover being a picture of Rick’s Café Américain from the film. Did you pick your music based upon that story?

I didn’t have a name for it, and realized [the songs] have a lot of love/relationship stuff, and the name “Casablanca” popped into my head. Not many people get why that photo was on the cover, but the people who do always say, “It’s nice to see someone that appreciates classic films.”

So this will be your first Vegas residency. How will it differ from what you’re used to in L.A.?

It’s a different scene. In L.A. people are all about, “I wanna be cool, I wanna think of something new, I wanna be surprised.” People are from all over the world in Vegas; they’re there to have fun. You have to cater.

Well, you don’t seem like an asshole, so why the name “Rick Rude”?

I used to be into a lot of reggae music, and DJed this Jamaican night and didn’t have a DJ name yet. The guy on the mike said, “Rick Rude dropped a song,” and I said, “Rick Rude?” He said, “Yeah, rude boy,” and it just stuck.

Are you excited to be spinning at Blush?

I feel honored to be a part of the Wynn. They have these macaroni and cheese bites at Society inside the Wynn that I’m obsessed with. I’m looking forward to those.