Torrey Sleight

The Model

Torrey Sleight is a full-time model who doesn’t have fake breasts and doesn’t do any suggestive poses that she couldn’t show to her family at the dinner table. So you’re not likely to catch a glimpse of her in anything less than a bikini.

Sleight grew up in a large family in San Diego and went to school to become an aesthetician. Her family relocated to Las Vegas six years ago and after seeing her older sister dabble in modeling, she began doing trade shows.

Sleight is sweet and shy, and part of the appeal of modeling for her was being able to be “on stage and be a different person.” The 27-year-old’s career has blossomed from trade shows in convention centers to print ads and modeling for luxury hotels such as Wynn, The Mirage and Mandarin Oriental.

Models are often pressured to be unreasonably thin and style their hair a certain way, but Sleight tries not to worry too much about conventional expectations. She is lucky enough to be naturally skinny, doesn’t deprive herself the occasional french fry and changes her hair to suit her mood, which can range from cute-girl-next-door to high-class sophisticate, depending on the client.

Sleight loves modeling but doesn’t let it control her. She knows a modeling career is finite, so she’s enjoying it while it lasts. When it’s all over, she plans to go back to school, become an event planner and start a family.