One Posh Bowl

New nightclub debuts Super Sunday at the Playground

There’ll be more going on Super Bowl weekend than raucous football parties and man-hugs. Debuting Feb. 5, with a grand opening in March, Posh Boutique Nightclub will put to use a vastly underutilized corner of the 40,000-plus-square-foot Playground nightlife complex at 3525 W. Russell Road. As the Rock Room, the more-than 3,000-square-foot space never achieved much fame. But with help from nightlife veteran Gino LoPinto, Posh hopes to spice up the late-night scene.

Campaigning for your time on a platform of “Late Night Evolved,” Posh will offer after-hours midnight to dawn Thursday through Saturday to start, then add weekdays. Doors will open early for parties by affinity groups.

Elsewhere in the Playground, guests can experience Sushi All Night, Harem Hookah Lounge and Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club. The latter’s entrance has been relocated to give Posh its own entrance, valet and restrooms, making it self-contained—unless of course, Posh opens up the gaping peek-a-boo window-wall for special events. The bar is long, flanked by two of Posh’s four video screens. Go-go boxes divide up the oversize booths. The high ceiling seems lower with the addition of the Void sound system, lasers, lighting, an aerialist and possibly even a birdcage and swing. In a palette-spanning sable-and-gold to chocolate-and-cognac, Posh creates a sense of intimate luxury even while the mirrored walls seem endless.

Guests will note that the venue’s past has been obliterated to make way for a mélange of notions cherry-picked from among Vegas’ best clubs: Surrender’s booths, Blush’s dance floor and layout, purse-drawers a la The Bank, though Posh partner LoPinto (Nu Sanctuary, Vegas Alliance, Empire Ballroom and Utopia) notes that it’s purely an homage to the greats. “Growing up in this town,” he says, “Steve Wynn would be the guy I’d look to for inspiration.” The custom VIP tables, however, are unique to Posh, crafted over LoPinto’s 22 years spent in pursuit of the party.

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