Rok the Savile Row

Once upon a time—six years ago to be exact—there was a magical party in the MGM Grand. Everyone who was anyone was there: locals, socialites, the industry in-crowd and the belles of the Las Vegas ball. Each Monday night they flocked to Tabu in their trendiest threads to drink, dance and listen to what they wanted to hear, instead of the mainstream club music for tourists. This gathering was called Rok Box, and it’s back; Angel Management Group is resurrecting it at the new and elite Savile Row at Luxor.

Originally created by Jonathan Shecter and brothers Ray and Randy Davila (the latter is now AMG’s director of VIP marketing) in 2004, Rok Box Mondays lasted for a year and was famed for its intimate setting, fantastic playlist of rock and mash-ups—practically unheard of back then; Girltalk who?—and rotation of favorite local DJs. The party was resurrected in 2007 and ran until about 2010.

The newest Rok Box will serve as Savile Row’s weekly Wednesday industry night, kicking off Feb. 9 with local DJ and nightlife guru Lisa Pittman, followed up by a list of DJs in line to play the see-and-be-seen night. Randy Davila hopes the new incarnation will feel exactly as it has in the past, the only difference being the venue’s aristocratic guest list.

If you don’t know anyone on the inside, “look stylish, trendy and funky,” Davila advises. “That’s what the party was about—no standard dress code. It was [about] who looked cool and what they were wearing.” So style-up your swag or fake it ’til you make it, at least until Savile Row gatekeeper Mike Diamond lets you in.

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