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( I don’t know you, but I’m going to assume that you’re not a comic-book nerd. Simple mathematics, you see; all you need to do is take the final domestic gross of Kick-Ass and divide it by … erm. That is, you take the number of attendees at your average Comic Con and you compare it to, uh … Well, there’s only so many nerds in the world, that’s my point. But you don’t need to be one of those to appreciate Covered, a blog featuring classic comic book covers interpreted by modern artists. Luke Skywalker, Calvin and Hobbes, Jimmy Olsen, Metamorpho, the Leather Nun—they’re all here, and in stunning new guise. The blog helpfully places the original cover alongside the new version, to demonstrate just how fantastic or faithful the new version is by comparison. Covered is pretty kick-ass. It’ll make you want to be a comic-book nerd.


( TypeTrigger is an enabler: Four times a day, the site gives you a topic and a space to write up to 300 spontaneous words on it. (Some recent “triggers” include “great acclaim,” “shaved legs” and “then I will help.”) I’m not usually a fan of writers’ exercises, but I have to admit that TypeTrigger is well-conceived. And now, if you’ll allow me, here are 200 words on the topic of “motivation.”


( Some days I feel like crap. I admit it. Freelance writing jobs are hard-won in this desolated economy, and the world is absolutely lousy with freelance writers—choking up the coffeehouses, saturating the blogosphere and pouncing on every morsel of paid work like ravenous dogs on bacon-rubbed tennis balls. I shouldn’t allow this external noise to mess with my head, but when it does, I get into a full-on Morrissey headspace … and there’s no cure for it except motivational speeches, just like my Uncle Bluto used to make. Enter I Feel Unmotivated, a full-on motivator generator that produces a fresh uplifting quotation or video every time you click on the site’s only button. You get sage words from the likes of Carlos Castaneda (“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”). You get the famous go-get-’em monologues of the cinema, including Kurt Russell’s speech from Miracle and John Belushi’s speech from Animal House. You get Courage Wolf … I mean, wow, freakin’ Courage Wolf! There’s no one better to lift my spirits and devour those competing writers, whom I will helpfully rub with bacon.

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No Hit-Man Is an Island

If you learn one thing from The Mechanic, the buddy action remake of the 1972 film of the same name from Simon West (ConAir, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), it’s to be more cautious on Craigslist. Answer an ad for what seems like a routine spark-plug installation and you might end up volunteering to drown a Colombian dignitary in his lap pool. See, “mechanic” is code for an elite assassin, the kind of guy who scowls and wears mock turtlenecks and likes to walk away casually from burning buildings.