A Tale of Two Roses

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the simplicity and purity of a red-rose arrangement: one traditional and one deconstructed

Photos by Ryan Reason
Florals by Enchanted Florist

The Enchanted Traditional Dozen (above, left) is a tried-and-true pleaser. This floral is 30 inches tall by 20 inches wide. The imported Ecuadorian roses come in a variety of colors and have a longer cut-life span than other breeds. The roses are arranged in an all-around configuration with mixed foliage. The black river rock and a ti leaf wrap enhance the elegant vase. $175, at Enchanted Florist.

The deconstructed dozen (above, right) comes in a glass globe with two openings. The river rock sets a stage for the exotic floral sculpting. The roses are bunched as an exclamation point to enhance their color and beauty and the ti leaf and wax flower are added as garnishes. $125, at Enchanted Florist, 3261 S. Highland Drive, 731-2656