The Verdict’s Inn

Four entrepreneurial women are taking over the space that once housed the Potato Valley Café at 801 Las Vegas Blvd. South and turning it into a breakfast and lunch spot, the Verdict’s Inn.

The women are Caesars Entertainment’s Jill Schneider; her mother, Jo Bourgouis; producer Maggie DeBernardis Cupp; and chef Me Ray Shook, a Korean native whose culinary accomplishments include private catering for Mayor Oscar Goodman. With live entertainment also on the menu, the Verdict’s Inn promises to be one of the more innovative and unusual additions to the downtown dining scene.

Asked why they were opening a restaurant, DeBernardis Cupp says, “Because we’re crazy.” That’s not the only reason, of course. “We believe in the revitalization of downtown and we love Oscar and what he’s been trying to do.”

The new owners have painted their restaurant lime green and plastered the walls with black-and-white posters of famous courtroom films such as Inherit the Wind, The Verdict and Witness for the Prosecution.

There will be two menus: a “Guilty” version featuring indulgent, caloric dishes such as Kalua pork nachos and homemade cheesecake, and a “Not Guilty” version featuring a killer chopped salad and Me Ray’s Five Day Vodka Cured Smoked Salmon.

Finally, a place where you won’t mind doing jury duty.

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