Fashion to smoosh in

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro—the man-ape you’ll recognize from his fine work of being socked in the jaw by Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola on Jersey Shore—now has his own line of T-shirts, and he debuted them Feb. 5 at Vanity.

The label is called Jersey Laundry, presumably in homage to the only restaurant a man of refined taste like that cares to dine at, Napa Valley’s world-renowned Thomas Keller outpost, French Laundry.

Or, possibly, because it goes with “gym” and “tan.” It’s definitely one of those two things.

Ortiz-Magro, ever the debonair scamp, asked the Vanity crowd, “Who is going to smoosh tonight?” It was chilling. Total echoes of when Karl Lagerfeld queried a breathless Studio 54 crowd in 1978, “Which one of you is going to come over here and bump uglies?” Ortiz-Magro is a natural. He has a future in fashion.

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