Patridge flocks to Tiësto

Like some kind of horrible, relentless, unkillable, unshakeable RoboCop of bad television, Audrina Patridge cannot be stopped by God, nature or an evil Kurtwood Smith in his finest post-apocalyptic Detroit thuggery.

Now graduated from vacuous MTV reality fair to vacuous VH1 reality fare, Patridge was in town Feb. 5 to film the new series (title not yet announced) while she was hosting at Pure. She was with her brother, Mark, and four friends. Patridge got into the DJ booth for lessons in working the turntables before departing the club around 3 a.m.

The night wasn’t over, though. They must not have had enough B-roll of Patridge staring blankly at a DJ, because the whole crew rolled over to the The Joint to see the second edition of Tiësto in Concert.

Patridge was invited to come up and watch the show from the stage. After the show, she went backstage with Tiësto where they exchanged numbers. Finally, Tiësto has the chance to break into the lucrative VH1 market. We’ll be looking for Season 1 of Turntable of Love any day now. You can thank us for that one later, VH1 programming department.

In further Tiësto news …

Had a lender pushed through with its plan, and all the appropriate courts and authorities signed off on it, the Hard Rock Hotel could have been foreclosed upon on Feb. 8.

A last-minute deal between NorthStar Realty Finance Corp. and Hard Rock Hotel Holdings LLC has staved off the foreclosure proceedings, though, according to reports.

What’s interesting about the case, though, is the way NorthStar went after the Hard Rock. The lender said that the hotel wasn’t in default because it wasn’t paying its debts on time, but rather because the terms of the deal to put Tiësto in The Joint were in violation of the loan agreement.

In a New York court filing, attorneys for the Hard Rock argued that the DJ’s deal wasn’t a lease, but was a fee-for-services setup. It also noted that Tiësto would play again there on New Year’s, and that he’s “entitled to a fee for his services equal to the revenues generated from the sale of tickets for his performances and certain sponsorship fees.”

He gets all of the gate and sponsors, too? That’s a nice little haul once a month, even if it means you have to entertain Audrina Patridge every now and again.

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