Welcome to Bargain City

Do you miss the “old” Vegas? You know, the pre-Mirage Las Vegas, where comps and good deals were easy to come by? I was here then, and those deals are how I made ends meet in leaner times. Yep, those were good days. But I don’t miss ’em, because it’s even better now!

In 1980 there were about 45 casinos in the greater Las Vegas area. Today there are more than 100, not to mention a competitive bar scene. Prices may be a bit higher, but not when you adjust for inflation. And they’re not all higher. In the past six months I’ve seen 5-cent beers, 60-cent pancakes, $4.95 buffets, $13 production shows on the Strip, and a comped lobster dinner for a $20 video poker buy-in, just to name a few. “No value anymore”? That’s not true.

They say the city has gone upscale, and it has. But value is relative–expensive things can be bargains, too, when you get them for less—and Las Vegas is still overrun with amazing options for having fun for next to nothing. Happy hours, locals specials, sign-up bonuses, off-the-menu dining deals, coupons and insider moves can be combined to save thousands in the city that’s famous for separating people from their money.

The well never runs dry. Did you see the ad for Walker Furniture last week? Beginning on Friday and running up to 2 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, anyone buying furniture at Walker would get it free if the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl was run back for a touchdown. It was a long shot that didn’t come in, but it was an exciting “sweat” for anyone who was shopping at Walker anyway last weekend.

There are many ways to thrive in this city. Let’s investigate a few.

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