Jersey Shore even has pull in the NFL

In the pantheon of unlikely buddies, there are giants who walk among us. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Sylvester Stallone and his mom, who will shoot lest you knock off whatever it is you’re doing. Turner and Hooch.

Add one more to the roster: Aaron Rodgers and DJ Pauly D. The Super Bowl MVP, and the “P” in the more tanning-centric MVP.

Rodgers was having dinner Feb. 12 at N9NE Steakhouse with a group of eight, including a teammate, linebacker Matt Wilhelm. The blowout-headed one stopped by the table to congratulate the quarterback on all those interceptions Ben Roethlisberger threw.

When it was time for DelVecchio to have dinner—with contest winners who scored a date with the DJ in a contest held by the Palms—Rodgers relocated to Nove to do shots with Pauly D.

The whole crew—football players, contest winners and fist-pumpers—then settled in at a table inside Moon. DelVecchio got up to work the turntables for two hours and shouted out his new BQBF during the set, when he wasn’t busy hosing down the crowd with champagne.

The good news is that if Pauly D starts going to Packers games, he’ll be the most tan guy in Green Bay. The bad news is Edgar Winter could pass for the most tan guy in Green Bay.

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