Turn back time to spring forward

Every time New York Fashion Week comes around, I await something groundbreaking. It’s easy to spot the trends and anticipate the direction of future collections—for the most part it has all been done before. Many of my clients say, “If I wore it the first time around, I’m too old to wear it now.” Toss that thought process out the window because fashion is repeatedly finding new spins on the old stuff, and the time gap is shortening. Just two years ago the jumpsuit was a big trend. It’s back this year in a new way. Am I trapped inside Groundhog Day?

Key items end up on trend reports every year. Here are seven old but new ways to make sure you’re on point this spring:

1. White cotton blouse: Styling might differ from season to season, but it’s always on the list. Find one this year with unique detailing and great lines that fits your current mood.

2. Color: Fall in love with bright hues again: coral, cobalt or green.

3. Prints: Animal print is a new classic. This spring make sure to have some thing snakeskin. It can pair back to a tailored look or if you are a risk taker, mix it with a cheetah print.

4. White: It’s clean, simple and brightens up our wardrobes. For the minimalist look, take it head to toe.

5. Wide leg: Give your skinny pants a breather.

6. Maxi anything: Remember the printed floral maxi skirt? It’s back with a vengeance. Pair it with a belted slouchy tee, flat sandals and you’re set.

7. Jumpsuit: Sexy ’70s style with a plunging neckline and a fluid leg has been my favorite jumpsuit yet.

If you find yourself yearning to live in a different time, just go shopping and re-create that era through current fashions.

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