Mane Men

Chord Overstreet doesn’t even have regular hair on the back of his head. His bangs start at the bottom of his neck, go all the way over his skull and end somewhere just north of his nose. There’s a mad scientist somewhere abandoning his efforts to genetically splice together a sheep dog, a varsity football player and a bottle of Paul Mitchell shampoo because Chord Overstreet already exists, and there’s no point to pushing that experiment forward.

After all that, after Overstreet carefully evolved himself into anthropomorphic walking bangs to meld into this late-’70s throwback zeitgeist, Justin Bieber goes ahead and cuts his hair. With a snip, this brief Golden Age of Bangs Revival came to a close.

That’s why Overstreet’s Feb. 19 appearance at Tao was so important: It could very well mark the last major appearance of aggressively banged famous young men in public. Witness, perhaps, the Hadrian’s Wall of agonizingly mussed, shaggy ’dos.

Overstreet—who will always have his goofy name to fall back on when he’s forced to leave his stupid haircut behind—was celebrating his 22nd birthday along with fellow Glee cast mate Harry Shum Jr. On the red carpet, Overstreet said his dream Glee guest star is Brad Pitt. He’s got a better shot of getting his brothers Fret, Pickup and Drop D Tuning on the show.

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And the winner is … Las Vegas!


And the winner is … Las Vegas!

By Xania V. Woodman

Proving yet again that Mel Brooks was on to something—indeed, it is good to be the king—the categories for the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Awards reflect Las Vegas’ dominance of the nightlife scene nationally. So complete has been our rule over the annual awards lineup that this year, Las Vegas has been elevated to a category unto itself. Also new this year: the addition of the word “dayclub” to the awards lexicon.