A New Season of Makeup

Spring is a good time to start purging your cosmetics bag. Throw away old makeup and add in new staples—new season, new you. Stash away the dark eye shadow and Vampira paint until fall. Smoky eyes, matte skin and dark lips give way to a spring glow. This season is all about color. From hot pink to neon green, spring does not discriminate in its array of shades.

Dewy skin is in full effect. Start incorporating creamy products into your daily routine, such as a light blush or liquid shimmer highlighter for the cheekbones. Save the bronzers for summer. If you are looking for a more subtle approach, try pastel shadows. These will give you the color without the intensity.

Keeping in line with the season, it is important that you not only focus on your look but also remember that spring cleaning is not just for your house. This is the perfect time for you to ditch any old makeup. Cosmetics have an expiration date. If you’re savoring an eye shadow that is in a million pieces, now is the time to say goodbye. Eye products should be discarded after three months of use. If your eyes begin to feel itchy or you find yourself with an eye infection, replace your products. The telltale sign your mascara has expired is if it begins to flake. Liquid and cream foundations generally are good for up to one year after purchase. Powders and lip products are recommended for use for two years.

If any of your products begin to have a weird smell, get rid of them. Remember, bacteria are running ramped through open containers so it is crucial to save only the ones that are safe. It is also important to clean the inside of your bag with a disinfectant soap to ensure you are not creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. After a little reorganization, your cosmetic bag will be ready for a fashionable new season.

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